Congratulations on taking the first step...
towards a dream

Whether it be a dream:

  • of sharing the romantic hobby of BALLROOM DANCING with your partner
  • of the perfect WEDDING DAY DANCE
  • floating across the floor doing the WALTZ
  • bringing out your sexy side doing the RUMBA or BOLERO
  • having fun while getting your heart rate up doing the CHA CHA and SWING
  • finally finding an exercise that you like more than eating
  • of meeting new people and adding excitement to your day-to-day
  • doing something not only for your body and your mind but also uplift your spirit

Whatever your dreams may be, you are starting to make them come true.

I have more than two decades of teaching experience in the Orlando area. It does make a difference. My students have been from 8 to 88, beginners to advanced. I teach singles, couples and groups in Central Florida's Longwood area. (Other locations available upon arrangement)

I teach all the Ballroom and Social Dances:

Waltz Cha Cha West Coast Swing
Foxtrot Rumba East Coast Swing
Tango Bolero Viennese Waltz
Samba Nightclub Slow Dance
Quickstep Merengue Hustle

Put yourself in my arms and let me be your guide to the many, many steps ahead and lets share the joy of dance.

• Mary Ladish • 407-718-0524 •
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